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Trips to Costa-del-Sol for procurement of real estate

– How does it happen?

A trip to Costa-del-Sol, for the procurement of real estate takes 3-4 days.
This is sufficient enough time for you to get a good idea about the location and the property.


Call us or write an e-mail, and we will work together to fulfil your desires regarding the house of your dreams.


After you contact us, we will send you a few suitable options by e-mail.


You inform us about the houses, which you would like to see, out of the houses that we sent you. After that we will design your itinerary in such a way that you would be able to see the houses and the area – hence providing you the best possible observation to make the best decision from among the selected options of buying a home. At New Nordic Homes we demonstrate residential options.


When you will finally find the home of your dreams in Spain, we will arrange for a meeting with Nykredit Bank and Spanish banks regarding home financing, as well as a meeting with a Spanish lawyer practicing property law.

New Nordic Homes will help you find a dream home, on the Sunny shores.

We live here with our families, therefore we have extensive network, personal knowledge of the locality, we work with banks, advocates, craftsmen and auditors.
At New Nordic Homes eagerly await a chance to help you find your dream spot under the sun.