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No sale = no fees. We want to sell your property!

Why would you opt for New Nordic Homes to sell your property?

√  We all live at Costa-del-Sol with our families, therefore we know the locality.

√  We in fact have the largest in Denmark network of probable buyers via various real estate agents, online dealers, retirement consultants and sellers, lawyers, auditors, banks and financial institutions.

√  We have more than 50 years of experience working as property dealers in Denmark, and more than 8 years of working experience in Costa-del-Sol.

√  We are qualified real estate agents.

√  We all were partners or directors in the largest property dealing networks in Denmark.

√  We also have working relations with Norwegian as well as Swedish brokers, who direct a large number of buyers to us.

√  Your property listing will appear on New Nordic Homes site, on various Danish sites, such as Ivan Eltoft, My Real Estate Trading, Unikbolig, Bernstorff Estates, etc.

√  We have good relations with Nykredit Bank in Marbella and Denmark, as well as with a number of Spanish Banks.

√  We provide a large number of images, aerial images, area maps and civil drawings of your home, terraces, pools etc. So that the clients would preferably buy your home.

√  We appraise your property free of charge.

√  Free consultations regarding home interior as well as exterior design.