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Do you want to rent out your residential property?

Are you unable to tackle all the hassles associated with searching for a tenant, registry of moving in and moving out, cleaning, preparation, as well as minor repairs like changing lamps etc.?

New Nordic Homes has a solution for you:

√ We will post your property listing on various resources in Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

√ We will make sure that you get the best possible amount of rent, possible.

√ We will post it on Facebook and will share it to our extended networks in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

√ We will arrange for the best quality images of the area, aerial images and plans of your residence showing terraces and balconies etc.

√ We will handle tenant movement and exchange of keys etc.

√ We will check the property when the tenant will leave, to make sure that the property was left in a good state or if it is needed to deduct any charges from the tenant’s advance, in case of any damages.

√ We arrange for general cleaning and preparation of accommodation for the next tenant.

√ We work for free until the buyer transfers money for the rental period.

√ We charge 20% of rent as our fees for all the above mentioned services, in case of short term rental, i.e. from one to four weeks.

√ We charge 10% of rent in case of long-term rental.

Why would you rent you property out?

You can rent your property out for a lot more than you think possible – if New Nordic Homes is your professional dealer.

We increase the chances of renting out your property since we have access to a network. You can rent out your property for a week or for a longer term.

We recommend that you rent your property out on long-term basis from 1st of October to 1st of May, and find short-term tenants during the summer season, therefore we can rent out your property for maximum possible period.

Call us and get our free advice on how and for how much can your property be rented out!

We can also find tenants at the best possible rate of rental.

No rent = no fees

We will rent out your property.