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Mortgage – how is it executed?

√  You can get a credit of up to 70% of the value of the property and in some cases even 80%. It all depends on your interaction with Nykredit Bank.

√  Your credit is the mortgage, recognized in Denmark.

√  You can get up to 10 years deference, as in Denmark.

Other possibilities, here.

√  You can avail varying (non-fixed) interest rates.

√  New Nordic Homes will arrange for your meeting with Nykredit Bank at Marbella or Copenhagen, so that you could explore all possibilities.

√  You can also get credit from Spanish banks. New Nordic Homes can also arrange for your meeting with the bank, so that you could explore available options.

√  The rate of interest is a little higher than in Denmark – approximately 2.00 to 2.45 %

What is the cost of buying a property in Spain, apart from the price of the property itself?


You can get a loan (mortgage) for residential property in Spain, which allows you to borrow 70-80% of the property’s value, or 70-80% of the value upraised by the bank’s appraisal company – the least of the two is taken into account.

Property sale price: 215000 Euro, the bank considers that it is worth 200000 Euros.
70% as loan for a property worth 200000 Euros = 140000 Euros.
This means that you will need to arrange for the remaining 98 650 Euros from your own sources.
(215000 + 11% tax – 140000 loan).

You can avail a usual credit from a credit organization like Nykredit, with whom we have established relations.
Prøv Try the residential property calculator!!


New Nordic Homes collaborates with Nykredit

Call us and we will arrange a meeting for you with Nykredit or will put you in contact with appropriate people in Nykredit.