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Malaga has a population of approximately 600000 and is the sixth largest city in Spain, and has an international airport, handling more than 15 million passengers annually, who mostly come here for vacations, to enjoy ample sunshine in Cost-del-Sol.

Malaga is one of the oldest cities of the world, existing approximately since 770 ad.

This is a bustling town, where you can witness a lot, at many good spots for eating and drinking, so it is a great idea to plan ahead where to go, and you will be able to use your time to go around town.

This town has modern architecture and high-end stores. Here you will experience unique atmosphere, where the old and the new come together.

There are a few Michelin rated restaurants, as well as great tapas-bars and restaurants exhibiting local flare. There are a number of museums, which include the famous Picasso museum, as well as the place where Picasso was born – Casa Nataleet – and museum of bullfighting.

The town also has Alqasaba, the Mauritanian fort – probably the best preserved fort in Spain. It is also worth visiting the Castillo de Gibralfaro.

Malaga also has a big port for yachts and cruise ships, as well as a port for freight vessels. There is a great beach area along the port, housing a number of restaurants, cafes and bars.

The Malaga Fair is held in August, when the streets turn into symbols of Spanish culture – including live music and flamingo, with a recreation square hosting evening events.

Holy Easter week, which is celebrated for more than 500 years now, and is known around the world. Thematic processions are visible in the city street on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and these processions are a lot more than just a passage through the town or singing.

You can rent a car at the airport from one of the many companies represented there. The way from airport to Marbella takes only 50 minutes. There also are express trains from Malaga to Madrid and Barcelona, as well as flights to many international destinations. For example, you can take a budget flight to Barcelona for as low as 130 Kroners.


Benalmadena is situated close to the city of Sierra-de-Mijas, presenting a great view of the sea. It is just 15 kilometers from Malaga airport. You can avail a convenient bus and train line from Fuengirola and Malaga. This town also has a big port.

Benalmadena is divided into three districts:

Benalmadena Pueblo is situated approximately 330 meters above the sea level. It is a typical Andalusian village with narrow streets and small old townhouses. This place is not flooded with tourists, so everything is quite local and prices are also non-touristic.

Arroyo de la Miel is approaximately 130 meters above sea level. This is the center of Benalmadena hosting a number of small restaurants and shops, and a good ambience. There is a Tivoli in the city center, where you can take chairlift to go to the top of the hill, from where you get a nice view of the Mediterranean Sea, the port and the coast.

Benalmadena Costa is closest to the sea. This district houses sandy beaches, a large pier for yachts, and al that you need for water sports. Here you will also find a golf course, and a few kilometers up the coast of Benalmadena you can relax at the casino. There are many parks and sports arenas.

Shortly speaking there are many beautiful places to visit here – the coast, hills, golf course, and beaches.


Fuengirola is the place in Costa-del-Sol, where most of the Danish live. There are many reasons for that: you can enjoy life here – sunbathing, playing golf, sitting it out in one of the many cafes or restaurants, or at the beautiful harbor.

The huge Parque Aquatico is located here. Just 10 minutes ride you will find super golf courses, including Mijas Golf, La Cala Golf and Alhaurin Golf.

In this town you have a chance to experience real southern-Spanish ambience, when you have everything within easy approach – only about 30 minutes ride to Malaga and airport, and approximately the same distance to Marbella.

So, we can understand why many Danish people live here. There are around 15000 Danish people living in Costa-del-Sol.


Calahonda is the largest municipal district between Marbella and Fuengirola. It has so extensively grown that it has almost turned into an independent city.

A large aprt of Calahondas are Villas and townhouses, as well as 10 golf courses. There are three shopping malls, housing most of the 45 restaurants, cafes and bars in the district. There are a number of supermarkets. There also is the port of Cabopino and many facilities for taking up water sports. This district also has sandy beaches.

There also are many schools here, out of which one is a famous international school on the coast – the English International College (EIC), which is located just 5-10 minutes ride from this part of town.

Summing it up, we can say that you will get all that you need here, with just 40 minutes ot the airport and only 20 minutes to Marbella.

Eastern Marbella

Eastern Marbella is a large territory from Marbella to Cabopino in Malaga direction. This area is more of a resort and has a seasonal style of life, as compared to main Marbella. This area offers one of the best sandy beaches in the vicinity.

There are good restaurants, bars and beach clubs in this area, as well as numerous golf courses and large green zones. There are many supermarkets here as well.

In this area you will see large villas, as well as small typical Spanish houses, and modern apartments.

So if the mood is sunny and you want to go to one of the best sandy beaches, this is the place to go.


Marbella – one of the most exclusive and popular tourist areas in Southern Europe. This city has a number of important municipal districts:

Marbella, San-Pedro-de-Alcantara, Puerto-Banus, New Andalusia, and Las-Chapas. The following are situated around Marbella: Estepona, Benhavis, Istan and Mijas.

Marbella old town
Mias – the old part of Marbella is absolutely amazing. The streets are narrow and paved, with many hanging plants. This area hosts tapas-bars, bars, gourmet restaurants, a beautiful and very popular area called the Orange Square or in Spanish Plaza-de-los-Naranjas, where you can enjoy tapas, wine or olives at a very low rate. This place also has a tourist office, which can offer tourist maps and information. In the old town you will find unique clothes and handmade jewelry everywhere.

This city also houses the famous Marbella Club Hotel, narrow old town streets with hanging flower pots. This area has all the beauty of nature, protected on all sides by the Sierra-Blanca mountains, which are visible from any place in the town. Briefly speaking, this is a beautiful town bustling with life around the year.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a popular yacht harbor, built in 1970. This harbor is 5 kilometers east of Marbella and is one of the most popular ones in Southern Europe housing a number of super yachts, belonging to celebrities and superstars. In this town you can ride the most expensive super cars of makes and models, and you can attend festivities. This is a nice marine resort which sees more than 5 million visitors every year.

The harbor is very scenic and is surrounded by beautiful Andalusian buildings. This area is full of famous designer stores – a paradise for the keen shopper.

There are many restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlors, and the most extensive and exclusive nightlife in the whole of Costa-del-Sol.

There also is an aquarium, cinema, casino and an exclusive shopping mall, El Corte Ingles, for real hot days.

There also are markets, which sell local food and souvenirs, and a number of beaches – good beaches with water sports facilities. This is in fact a very lively and beautiful area, where you can meet famous or superrich people around the year or you can simply enjoy beautiful cars and super-yachts, and the harbor itself.

New Andalusia

Nueva Andalusia is a new district, comprising of luxurious villas and apartments with beautiful trees and gardens.

This district became very popular and in-demand, since it is resembles Hellerup in Denmark, and is situated just a few steps from the town and the harbor.

The architecture here is typically Andalusian, with New Andalusia being situated on a hilly slope, therefore offering an unobstructed view of the sea and mountains from almost all houses.

This district also has the bullfighting arena, flee market over the weekends, stores, bars, gym, and a number of restaurants.

This district is the only option if you enjoy playing golf, because right across your doorstep are four of the best golf courses – Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, Aloha Golf and La Dama de Noche. You can also play golf here in the night, because the golf courses have artificial illumination.

Nueva Andalusia has a very special location. It is quite far from the bustling Puerto Banus, so you have serenity and quiet, but it is pretty close to the harbor. This is an attractive district, which is situated beyond the city limits, beaches and harbor, but which is always very approachable.

Simply saying this is the top location.

San Pedro

San Pedro is situated to the West of Marbella, only a 3 minute drive by car from Puerto-Banus or 10 minutes bicycle ride. You can walk or ride your bike on the wide idyllic beach road, also known as the paseo.

This town is a very typical example of old South-Spanish towns with narrow streets, and a central shopping area, with walking streets. There are many parks here, as well as squares and gardens. Also available is the newly built beach front with many restaurants and stores. Here are also long and wide beaches.

This area has been developing and becoming very popular for the previous few years, among tourists and expats. One [art of the city comprises mainly of the old town with short, narrow and paved streets, and small local shops. Here you can buy tapas, food and drink at very low rates.

For example you can buy a cup of coffee for 0.5 euros and a glass of wine for 2 euros. The other part of the town comprises of long portions of seashore, magnificent seafront, and many attractive beachfront restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlors, and beach clubs.

This area, in some sense, reminds you of Amager Strand (in Copenhagen), and has a lot of potential for growth, as it is just a short way from the seafront, with sidewalks and bicycle tracks, attractive beaches, and a 10 minute bicycle ride to Puerto Banus. This town has districts with villas and apartment buildings.

This is a good place for a safe investment and to acquire a place to live a nice relaxing life.


Benahavis is a Spanish hill resort, situated some 5 kilometers from the coast, between Marbella, Estepona and Ronda. The city of Benahavis is surrounded by the Guadalmina, Guadise, and Guadalmansa rivers. This area is located in a truly natural setting.

This magnificent village has retained its look depicted by white houses in Andalusian style, which offer awesome contrast to the surrounding mountains. This village has narrow, paved streets, beautiful homes, shops, and a splendid choice of restaurants. Local specialties include fried meat, such as whole suckling pig, mutton and duck. This small charming village has 30 restaurants and 20 bars.

This is the richest municipality in whole of Spain, therefore the town is safe, clean and operates without a blemish. This is why this village has low administrative taxes. If you want to build your own home, due to any of the above reasons, and have a house with great sea and Mountain Views, you will get all permissions very swiftly.

This area offers great scenery and real Spanish lifestyle. If you like to take trolls, this is the ideal place with magnificent mountain treks and mesmerizing views. Many celebrities and stars have moved to this area, mainly because of the serenity it offers.

If you like golf, there are 10 golf courses in this area – so we can call it a paradise for golf lovers.

Benajavis is the best choice if you are looking for peace and quiet – this place offers a beautiful lifestyle in a mountainous village, where you everything plus a great view.


Guadalmina is located in the Western part of Marbella. This area is beautiful, and peaceful, with huge villas lining the seafront, as well as good beach clubs. This area is a short walk from the shore, which starts at San-Pedro and goes all the way through this town to Puerto-Banus and Marbella. Guadalmina Baja is situated on the shore side of the seafront road. Baja means “Lower”, and this area is the most posh in the town. On the other side is Guadalmina Alta. Alta means “Upper”, so the area was named as such because it is situated on the slope. In everyday speech the Alta area is simply called Guadalmina.

This area houses many indigenous people, and it also has Guadalmina Golf Resort. This area is filled with good energy, and the neighboring Guadalmina-Baja along the seashore reminds one of Swan Mill District in Copenhagen, with its large villas.

This is place if you are looking for quiet, peace, serenity and an easy approach to the sea and beach. All you may dream of is right here for you!


Estepona is situated to the East of Marbella and is only 15 minutes ride here. This town is known for its long white sandy beaches. The old town should be visited a few time, as it is larger than old town Marbella. The town is swiftly developing, with clean streets and numerous restaurants. This town has a splendid harbor with bars, tapas-bars, and restaurants.

The old town has white walls with beautiful flower designs – it looks like a beautiful painting.

Estepona has always been a fishing village, and still is. It has long wide beaches, which go all the way to the harbor, where you can buy freshly caught fish.

This town offers a real good value for your money: Spanish charm, kickback lifestyle, wide and very clean sandy beaches, numerous restaurants and bars. It is less expensive to live and dine here than in Marbella.

This town reminds you of Gilleleje (town on the shores of Kattegat in Denmark) with harbor, fishing, beaches, restaurants, walking streets, kickback lifestyle, and marine environment. However there is a huge difference – there you have more than 37000 people, so life flows even in winter months.